Friday, April 25, 2008

Your shadow still lurks

Your shadow still lurks my murmuring dreams the anguish of my darkness the gleam of my tears

Melting the present, forging the past
Lingering embers remain redolent
And the world shivers in the fiery haze

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Friday, April 18, 2008


...and there were bottles of all sizes and hundreds of toys and tomes of books and jewelery and watches adorned by several mannequins; there were chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, plenty of lamps - lit and unlit; clocks showing different times, clothes for every purpose and mirrors, yes, there were mirrors. mirrors reflecting reflections of reflected mirrors. mirrors mirroring the bottles, toys, books, clothes, lamps, clocks...mirrored clocks bespoke mistaken times...reflected faces spangled bejeweled shadows...
...i stepped in, walking on my six legs, my feelers guiding me...and there was an army i was leading, and there was an army ahead of me, competing...a radiant battlefield, ominous timely thunders; with dust inking us, lints of pain cutting through us; we moved as i moved...ahead, turning left, and then right and forward again...they were cautious, i was brazen, persistent....
...and then, i fell an unending fall...i saw behind me - there were none, i saw ahead - there were none...there was me, and me and my falling selves in infinite constant movement captured by reflected stillness...yes, there were mirrors...reflected shadows spangled bejeweled deaths.