Friday, May 06, 2005


It was dark with the faint moonlight straining to illuminate the earth. The silhouette of the mountains was visible in the distance - silent and majestic. A mud path was carved along the edge of the forest in the shape of a semi-circle. There were not many stars in the sky. The sound of beetles penetrated the stark silence of the night and made the silence more conspicuous. After some time, the sound drowned in the silence and the vacant silence engulfed you again. The view of the forest with the mountains in the background was spectacular and the darkness was eerie and astounding. I was standing at the edge of the road.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of hooves. A knight riding a glorious white horse came, riding along the road. As he came nearer, I saw that he was dressed in a steel armor, black in color. He was holding a spear and was crouching forward ready to attack and impale his opponent to a gruesome death. As he came galloping forward, his speed seem to increase. I stood petrified on the turn of the road - the ghastly forest in front, a steep cliff behind and death coming closer every moment. My heart was thumping in rhythm with the sound of the hooves - the pace of both mounting rapidly. I was drenched in cold sweat and fear. He was just ten feet away from me and he lifted the spear further up, ready to thrust it forward into my flesh.

I got up. It was an awful dream. My forehead and chest were wet with sweat. I looked around and saw my room - I felt secure and comforted. Through the window, I could see the moon shining bright and the coconut trees in my neighborhood swaying the cool, silent breeze. The night was soft and beautiful. I lifted myself and sat on the bed, staring at the sighing coconut leaves. My hand groped for a bottle of water on my table. I took a sip of water and waited for my heart to become steady. The breeze peeped into my room and touched me as and when it fancied. There was a sensuous quiet in the atmosphere which was almost spiritual.

And then, what happened was incredible - I got up! I was bewildered. What was happening? Didn't I wake up from that Kafkaesque dream some time back? I looked around and saw my room, the moon in the sky and the coconut trees - the same limpid night and the soft breeze. I shook myself in complete disbelief and a horrifying confusion. I threw myself out of the bed and walked around the room. I saw a bottle on my table. I then sat on my chair and thought. I then realized that the dream had not ended when the rider had vanished. It was a dream within a dream! Splendid! But then, I was very, very sure that I was awake when I woke up last time - the sweat, the fear, it was all real!! And, I am very sure even now. Am I?



Blogger Srinivas said...

why don't you write short stories man? your writings are good :-)

Mon May 09, 05:19:00 AM 2005  
Blogger Vaibhav said...

Thanks! I am trying to!!

Mon May 09, 05:12:00 PM 2005  

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