Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Distributed computing - runtime polymorphism

A: You must minimize object creation to make your java code efficient.
B: How can so many people have so many different thoughts. If there were a comprehensive mental space of all the minds in the world, then surely it must be humongous and chaotic.
A: My eyes are itchy - nowadays roads are horribly polluted. Some wretched dust particle must have gone into my eye.
B: AHA! At last I had pineapple juice after so long. Its been ages!
A: Day before yesterday, my sister came back from Normandy. She's really gone down. Must have had a tough time at work.
B: I read Jonathan Livingstone Seagull last night. The pictures are beautiful but I couldn't make out much in the story. Whats the whole point in glorifying flight??
A: Train no. 4568, Guwahati - Bangalore express, scheduled to arrive at Bangalore at 6:30 pm is running 3 hours late and is expected to arrive at 9:30 pm.
B: Why do come home so late nowadays, dear? And you look so exhausted!! I'm really concerned about your health! Don't you think you need a break. We should go out on a holiday - How about Kashmir? We haven't been there since our honeymoon.
A: Fifteen men on the dead man's chest! Yo Ho Ho! And a bottle of rum! Drink and devil had gone for the rest! Yo Ho Ho! And a bottle of rum! (courtesy: Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson)
B: Children! This is the fourth time I am teaching you the concept of percentages. Yet not one of you can solve this simple problem!! You must be ashamed of yourselves!
A: Oh my God!! Our house has been stolen! Look at the mess! And my jewellery! Everything is gone!! We are doomed!
B: The realization of one's self is the greatest bliss one can have on this earth. Once you have understood the nature of your soul, you will no longer be unhappy or perturbed. Yoga is the path to realization.
A: The town you are seeking is just across the bank. You will get ferries to cross the river. Ask the ferry man and he will show you the way.
B: Good bye! My time has come!



Blogger Srinivas said...

err... i did not understand a single thing on this post! :-D

Thu May 05, 12:23:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Vaibhav said...

i just had this fuzzy idea in my mind. if human minds were objects in the (object oriented?) system of universe, then a single mind would be in different places and in different scenarios,....

Fri May 06, 06:28:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Rahul said...

Umm... "our house has been stolen"...??

Hanuman on the prowl or something?!

Tue May 10, 04:43:00 PM 2005  
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